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I got jaundice last year which was not at all pleasant. If I had to be super positive about getting jaundice the following were the good stuff
I got 1.5 months leave from workI got wheeled around in a wheelchair. Never been on oneI got shuttled around the hospital in a stretcher with random sick people peering in to look at me. Felt like a sick celebrity. The only thing missing were the flashlights from the paparazzi.

I was diagnosed with Jaundice when I was in Delhi. I had gone to one the reputable hospitals, paid a bomb for them to tell me that I have jaundice which I knew before I entered the hospital. They decided to give me electrolyte through drip as I was extremely weak. I had high fever and extremely tired and I was lucky enough to find the least experienced nurse to inject me and he royally screwed up. He kept poking and pulling out the needle till my right hand turned blue.
A couple of days later, I decided to head to my hometown, so that I can be with mom who could take care o…

Reading Addict

I have been always called a bookworm. If I suddenly go missing, you can always find me under a book. 

Reading has become equivalent to breathing for me to the point that I cannot fall asleep till I read at least a page. Since 2011 I have been keeping a reading challenge on Goodreads and I have never completed it until last year. Last year, ladies & gentlemen, I read a total of 100 books. WooHoo!! 

The fact that I was unemployed probably 5 months of the year also helped me achieve my target. All in all those were best 5 months of my life wherein I did what I truly enjoyed. 

A part of me actually dies when someone says they don't read and they would rather wait for the movie to come out. I feel we live in a world where everybody wants shortcut and don't even want to imagine things and rather have a movie do the work for them. 

I sometimes use books as an escape method wherein I dont want to face the real world problems. When I'm so engrossed in a book with what's happeni…


Its been years since I wrote my post. A lot of things have happened since then. Actually not much but I worked my ass off in a company which eventually stopped paying me so I quit my job. Its been close to 9 months that I have not been working.

You would think that since I am not working I would have lots of time to update my blog. No Siree No... I had to spend all my time doing nothing...

For the first 4 to 5 months, I actually took a break. I went back to my homeland of Kerala and spend couple of months with my parents. The last time I spend more than a month with my mom in the same house was like 15-16 years ago. And the four months was err.. hmmm.. interesting!! 

Then I started my job search. I went through many stages of unemployment. From being confident like I can get any job I want.. Companies will be fighting for me to Do I even deserve to have a job? Am I even qualified for that position??  Now I'm in the phase of If its meant to be it will be.  I leave it to Karma..